Back when I was a kid, there’d be punk bands playing every Friday and Saturday night at a few places within walking/stumbling distance from home. 18 year old me would be head banging and crowdsurfing into the early hours, returning home hoarse voiced and stoked on the energetic music consumed.
The Port Noarlunga Football Club south of Adelaide was always a safe bet for a good night.
Bearded Clams, Test Eagles, Thick Lips were my religion, no doubt causing the tinnitus I still have.
1997 -1999 seemed to be the prime time for it, then one day it all disappeared.

A few months ago I heard of a music festival at the footy club with some of the bands I used to mosh to, but this time it was being run by two record label executives. Curiosity led me to lurk Jack and Tom for the next few weeks to ask if they knew the history they were bringing back to the good old footy club.

While I might be too scared and fragile to mosh; it’s amazing to see the music return in Porties.